CV. Mandiri Artha Samudra Engaged In General Trading And Medical Equipment Covers And Disposable Non Woven Product Safety Product By Main Products We Mask Health / Sugrical Face Mask For Medical And Industrial Requirements. Our Company Has Been Working With Some Of The Biggest Manufacturers In Indonesia As A Distributor With A Quality Product.
 Being A Reliable Partner By Presenting Products - Innovative And Quality Products In A Growth Industry In Indonesia.
 Mission :
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Branch Jawa Timur
Address :
Kedurus IV Apukat No. 16 Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia
Fax :
Branch Jawa Timur
Address :
Jalan Menganti Wiyung Sawah 1 Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia
Fax :
Year Of Establishment
We Sell
Sarung Tangan,Masker Kesehatan,Kain Majun,Terpal,Mob Cap,Tali Rafia
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CV. Mandiri Artha Samudra engaged in General Trading and Medical Equipment covers and Disposable Non Woven Product Safety Product by Main Products We Mask Health / Sugrical Face mask for Medical and Industrial requirements. Our company has been working with some of the biggest manufacturers in Indonesia as a Distributor with a quality product.
 Being a reliable partner by presenting Products - Innovative and quality products in a Growth Industry in Indonesia.
 Mission :
 Forward the best service with quality products in order to give satisfaction to Our Customers with mutual cooperation.
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 Medical Product List:
 - Health Mask 3 Ply (earloop, Tie-on)
 - Mask Motif (Retro, Bon bon, Birdy, Leopard, Corde Balinese, Dotty Red, Green Dotty, Amora)
 - Colorful Mask (Pink, Blue, Grey, Brown, Lemon, Purple, Orange, White)
 - Mask Hijab / Headloop
 - Latex Gloves (Powdered, Powder Free)
 - Nitrile Gloves
 - Mob Cap / Nurse Cap / hairnet
 - Shoes Cover NW
 Other Product List
 - Dust cloth color cotton fabrics (stitches / sheet)
 - Fabric majun PK / Stack / Miscellaneous
 - Fabric white cotton waste (stitching and sheet)
 - Tali Rafia (roll large and small roll) KW1, KW2, KW3
 - Tarpaulins PE (A1, A2, A3, A5, A8, A10, A12, A15, A20)
 - Terpaulin
 - Woven Canvas
 - Hoses Sheeting
 - Gloves Yarn (B4, B5, B6, B7, B8)
 - Glove Dotting / Pulkadot / Spot
 - Rubber Rope cloth mask 1 layer and 2 layer
 - Mask strap fabric Sponge Rubber / Foam
 Soon you message to us with competitive prices with quality that is not in doubt. We Are Ready To Party Purchase, Retail Service-Fast and Ready to Receive Customer Complaints Regarding Quality, Price, Time And Replace Entire Cost Incurred Due to incompatibility with the Order.
 Contact us :
 - Office: Kedurus IV Apukat No. 16, Surabaya
 - Tel: (031) -91,106,013, 08,113,001,552 (Anto Marketing)
 - PIN: 7FA67141
 - Website:
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 1.) Please visit the website at PO confirm your order via email or call the telephone number that we have provided:
 a. Type of goods ordered
 b. The number of bookings
 c. Name and complete address
 d. Contact numbers
 2.) After negotiating the price of an agreed system of payment is transferred through the account number that already we attach
 For those who are outside the city and outside the island We will send proof ID card scanning, SIUP, TDP, TIN, etc. We as a sign of seriousness in serving you and avoid things - things that are not desirable or Fraud Measures
 3) Item will be shipped via EKSPEDISI, CARGO, JNE, etc. for areas outside the city and outside the island.
 4.) Entrusting all of us "TRUST YOU ARE ALSO WE TRUST"
 description :
 * The price includes Franco Surabaya and surrounding areas
 * The payment system COD (Cash On Delivery) for the area of ​​Surabaya
 * Payment systems CBD (Cash Before Delivery) to outside the city and outside the island
 * * * Price at any time - subject to change without further notice * * *