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  • PIN BB :
  • 7FA67141



    Multi Andy Supplier Company Is Engaged In General Trading As Procurement / Supplier Who Provides Services Of Goods And Services To Meet The Needs Of The Type Industrial / Manufacturing, Machine, Printing, Etc.. And We As Supplier / Supplier Is Ready To Serve All Kinds Of Needs In Your Company, With Competitive Price And Quality Is Not In Doubt. We Have A Lot Formed A Partnership With Several Agencies Corporate / Manufacturing In Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Mojokerto, Etc. As Supplier / Suppli..
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    Company Information MULTI ANDY SUPPLIER

    Company Details

    Address : Jalan Menganti Wiyung Sawah 1 Surabaya
    Jawa Timur , Indonesia
    Phone :
    Fax :
    Year Of Establishment 2012
    Number Of Employee/s 10
    About Multi Andy Supplier Company is engaged in General Trading As Procurement / Supplier who provides services of goods and services to meet the needs of the type Industrial / Manufacturing, Machine, Printing, etc.. And we as Supplier / Supplier is ready to serve all kinds of needs in your company, with competitive price and quality is not in doubt.

    We have a lot formed a partnership with several agencies Corporate / Manufacturing in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Mojokerto, etc. as Supplier / Supplier in meeting the needs of the type of goods in the Company / the manufacturer.

    We also like to thank our business partners who had been providing full support and confidence in us, in meeting the needs of the type of company / manufacturer is. So that we can develop such high regard at this time with the Vision, Mission, and Commitment Company, that will create a good cooperation for the satisfaction of their work and products for partners in Us.

    We serve as a supplier of goods you the following types of needs:

    1). Cloth color cotton rags (stitches / sheet)
    2). Cloth rags TC (stitches)
    3). Cloth rags PK
    4). White dust cloth fabric (stitching and sheet)
    5). Glove yarn (B4, B5, B6, B7, B8)
    6). Mask fabric strap Rubber
    7). Rubber sponge cloth mask strap
    8). Green Mask 3 ply
    9). Rafia straps (big roll and small roll)
    10). Tarpaulins (A1, A2, A3, A5, A8, A12, A15)
    11). etc.

    Soon your message to us at competitive prices with a quality that no doubt. As a Supplier We Ready to Serve Party Purchasing, Retail With Fast Services, and the Ready to Receive Customer Complaints Regarding Quality, Price, Time And Change All costs incurred due to the incompatibility of the Order.


    - Alamat : Jalan Menganti Wiyung Sawah 1 , Surabaya , Jawa Tmur
    - Phone/ hp : 03172956019 , 08113001552
    - Email : multiandysupplier@
    - PIN : 7FA67141
    - Website : ,

    Up. (ANDY)


    1) Please confirm orders / PO you by email or phone number that has been the hub we provide:

    a. Type of goods ordered
    b. Total bookings
    c. The name and complete address
    d. Contact numbers

    2) after negotiating the price agreed payment system is transferred through the account number below:

    : BCA
    AN: Andik NOVIANTO
    NO REK: 7710142429

    3) Item will be shipped via EXPEDITION, CARGO, JNE, Etc. to areas outside the city and outside the island.

    4) entrusted all of us "TRUST IS ALSO OUR TRUST"

    * Price does not include postage to outside the city and outside the island
    * Delivery in Surabaya and Sidoarjo about (free shipping)
    * Payment System COD (Cash On Delivery) for the area of Surabaya
    * Credit payment system n / 30 for Company / Factory location in Surabaya and Sidoarjo surroundings.

    At any price *** - subject to change without notice ***